Coach Joe Is Interviewed on Fox TV

Shortly after the publication of The Coach Gaither Story, sportscaster Jermaine Ferrell interviewed Joe on WFXR Fox TV.

Joe Gaither Interview with WFXR Fox TV

For over half an hour, Joe talks about his African roots; his experience at G.W. Carver consolidated school during segregation; his time in the military; and how he came to coach youth basketball at the local and national levels.

Joe talks about how amazing it is to coach with his former players and hear a second generation of coaches use his words to push and encourage their players.

He laughs when Jermaine mentions retirement because he hasn’t retired from coaching basketball. At age 73, Joe is assisting Curtis Staples at Lakeway Christian Schools in White Pine, Tennessee.

Joe tells the story of how Barry Brown asked Joe if he could write a biography of him. Joe was against the idea at first. He felt strongly that his story was the story of God working through him. He did not want to take credit for what God had done. But he told Barry he would pray on it.

Barry was patient. Every once in a while he’d ask Joe, “What did the Lord say?” Luckily for us, Barry got the go-ahead.

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